The Face Of Southern Hip Hop Has Just Changed — Forever

Afe Union

Afe Union, Collaborative Band and Label Redefining Genre’s Image

Houston, Texas, United States of America – January 15th, 2016 – Southern hip hop is about to get a major facelift with the release of Manifesto of Sinners from Cee$pitz and Don Munchie, both of Afe Union, in January 2016. T-Rell, a third member of Afe Union is working on his first mixtape and his first single “Let Me Know”.

“Afe Union is all about the freedom of artistic expression,” explained Cee$pitz. “Each member of the collective brings a unique personality and sound, creating a diverse group of styles in one group to make music that anybody can vibe to.”

The Houston, Texas based collaborative is encouraging discussion on Twitter via the #knowtheunion hashtag, and is planning on building on 2015 appearances in Houston at venues such as Jet Lounge, Warehouselive, Bohemo’s and Fitzgerald’s.

The ambition of the band in 2016 is to break not just out of Houston, or Texas, but to break out of the United States into the international stratosphere where billions of new fans will hear their music— for centuries to come.

To find out more about Afe Union, please visit or check out their SoundCloud page to listen to their songs.

Contact: Alexander Mutchler
Tel: (346) 302-6538



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