Groundbreaking New Book: ‘The Dreams Behind the Music’

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada – January 20, 2017 – Veteran dream analyst/author/researcher Craig Webb has released a new book, The Dreams Behind the Music: Learn Creative Dreaming As 100+ Top Artists Reveal Their Breakthrough Inspirations. The book details the fascinating dreams behind the music we know including 20+ Grammy-winning hits, the song with the most cover versions of all time, iTunes’ most-purchased song, major artist career breakthroughs, and many more dream-harvested successes.

The book combines over 3,000 hours of writing, research, and interviews with decades of experience studying and teaching about dreams, and working with many thousands of dreamers around the world to produce a unique, entertaining collection of well-documented accounts of well-known artists such as Paul McCartney, Sting, Beyoncé, U2, Billy Joel, John Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Drake, Taylor Swift, Johnny Cash, Pete Seeger, Beethoven, Mozart and dozens of others, detailing how dreams brought them creative inspiration for some of their biggest hit songs, as well as crucial career and life guidance that steered them towards tremendous success.

Also revealed are surprising musical collaborations sparked by dreams, dream visions that called artists to their career path, stars who experience the gift of ‘seeing’ music or ‘hearing’ images, powerful warning dreams where the lives of famous artists and others were at stake, 20+ intriguing cases where the deceased appeared in dreams of living artists to instruct them or offer important creative and career guidance, as well as ways shamans from many cultures worldwide call in music from dreamland and share it for healing, teaching, protection, and powerful rituals.

The book also explains how anyone can recall more dreams and tap them for creative inspiration, as well as use them to improve mental, emotional and even physical skills such as live performance or musical instrument mastery as did virtuoso guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, 25-time Grammy-winner Vladimir Horowitz, and other top artists. Topics also include techniques to transform nightmares into the gifts they are meant to be, as well as proven methods to invoke lucid dreams in which amazing adventures and insights are plentiful.

With over 750 foot-note references, and little-known or as-yet unknown true accounts from over 200 artists, this unique work reveals how dreams have played a significant role in shaping the music we know, if not the fabric of our entire culture. It not only highlights numerous universal principles about creativity and consciousness that can benefit anyone, it also points to a future where nightly dreams will likely play an increasingly important role to help us all live significantly more fulfilling daily lives.

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Craig Webb is a dream analyst, author, researcher and inventor, as well as a widely-traveled speaker and dream-inspired musical artist. A McGill University graduate with pioneering lucid dream research at Stanford University and at Montreal’s Sacre-Coeur Hospital, Craig has had the honor to make over 1,000 media appearances, and consult for Fortune 500 corporations, world-class athletes, top celebrities, and major motion pictures. He has also designed personal development, educational, and optimal health devices distributed worldwide, helped found/produce the acclaimed radio show Making Contact (that has aired weekly on 150-250 international stations for over two decades), and has volunteered for many humanitarian and environmental causes, including benefit concert performances and fundraising event presentations.

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