TERRY FLYNT Filling The Void In RAP

Contact: Terry Flynt
Phone: 2164511278
Email: flightsquad216@yahoo.com

CLEVELAND, OHIO – http://trckr.hulkshare.com/hulkdl/umzlgvl2mzt8/Terry_Flynt-Dope!tape.zip?z=1

TERRY FLYNT: A true musician, entrepreneur, and most of all the future of popular culture as we know it…Destined to be labeled as one of the greatest who ever picked up a microphone, hailing from the gritty streets of Cleveland Ohio TERRY FLYNT displays lyricism and charisma above and beyond your current roster of mainstream hip hop artists of today.

With over 5,000,000 views on social network sites such as myspace and youtube and facebook,(just to name a few)there’s no wonder why he’s the topic of convo from the streets to even dorm rooms… the music is pure DOPE!

Gaining recognition from thousands upon thousands of ringtone downloads TERRY FLYNT has been on quite a few regional and national tours and now has his sight set on International stardom.Not to mention this guy does his own engineering, music production as well as video production, he is a one man powerhouse!

From tracks such as “Real”, “Bad 2 Da Bone” and “Live Thru Me”, you can see the struggles he as over come from losing friends to the street life, to songs that everyday average people can relate to and even the the club crowd.

Terry Flynt says “I’m not looking to show versatility, I just want people to know my story and hope they can relate, cuz I’m REAL as they come!”

Recently releasing his second mixtape entitled “Dope!Tape” a follow up of (“What’s Real”) he plans on doing more shows and gaining more attention that will get him to the top of the game where he belongs. His debut Album “Against All Odds” is set to release sometime this summer.

Some people may be sleeping but the awakening is sure to come, and sooner than you and I know, TERRY FLYNT will be a household name and the most played artist on their playlist!