Teah Philani


Contact: Harold Tillery
Phone: 4043994697
Email: investingblack@gmail.com

MARIETTA, GEORGIA – Teah Philani born Teah Meade is a native of Pittsburgh, PA.( The Steel City) which is also home to Superstars Wiz Khalifah and Mac Miller.

Teah Philani is a rapper, singer, lyricist, songwriter, producer and choreographer she is more than a triple threat. She has an extensive resume. After opening for rap legend Too Short at the Elcove Theater and Cash Money Millionaires in Gadsen, Alabama ,she has received numerous song plays on WSMK 99.1 she is also being played on Shoutcast radio, Jango Radio and numerous internet radio shows. To add to the resume, She has been featured in Hot Block and The Freddy Jons’n magazines. She has also done countless internet radio interviews on different live365 Broadcast Stations. She has even been Cast as the character (Zekee) in a full length feature titled, “Family, Faith and Money that was released November 29, 2010. Teah Philani was also featured on the Global Mixtape Series which was released through Island Def Jam Digital in April 2011. July 5, 2013 was the release for Teah’s new Mixtape on datpiff.com “Come Hell or High Water” which is being celebrated with a bronze trophy for receiving over 25,000 downloads. She now has a new single called “Street Life” featuring Mikko and Mary C. the video will be filmed for Street Life September 28, 2013 in Atlanta,Georgia and Teah has invited everyone to appear in the video to find out locations and times follow Teah on twitter @TEAHPHILANI.