Tarik Hopkins Plans to Make His Way with ‘Fantasy’ Release

Tarik Hopkins Plans to Make His Way with ‘Fantasy’ Release


Bear, Delaware – August 4, 2016 – Tarik Hopkins has been working hard to master his production sound, and it’s coming along quite smoothly. He recently released a song on iTunes in March titled “Fantasy.” Ever since the song’s release Tarik has has been working hard in the studio to create more.

With a very unique style, his music is definitely a sound like no other. “When I create sounds I want my fans to have a memorable listening experience,” Hopkins says. His music is progressing well, and because of that he has announced that he will be releasing an EP titled Fantasy. This EP will consist of futuristic melodies, hints of R&B and House, and will be available for preorder August 10, 2016.

Working hard on this record, he hopes his fans enjoy it. He noted, “I want this EP to be a listing experience for my fans like no other.” Fans can preoorder Tarik Hopkins’ new EP Fantasy on iTunes August 10. After that it will be available to purchase August 20th!


Tarik Hopkins

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user222547485
Bandcamp: https://th-productions.bandcamp.com/releases

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