Steve Hutchinson Brings 21st Century Sensibility to the Table with ‘This August Night’


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London, United Kingdom – December 14, 2016 – Co-founder of UK’s premiere Moody Blues tribute band, Blue Onyx back in 2006 Steve Hutchinson is well versed when it comes to music and performing. Ray Thomas, retired founder member of the Moody Blues even called Steve’s voice “great” after seeing him perform. However, when that came to an end several years later, he decided he had to continue on with music. Come 2014 he dropped a couple records, including a Christmas album. Now he’s back with his latest, This August Night.

Taking the melodies of pop rock of the 1960’s and lacing it with the progressive ways of the decade that followed, but still giving it some modern twists, Steve Hutchinson has a sound that is like a current take on a throwback with all that he does, including his latest release, This August Night. With a voice comparable to Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel, Steve resonates with listeners on that level. One fan even went as far as to say that Steve was an “authentic self-revelation rather than the immature self-indulgence of so many singer-songwriters.”

Having started his career at 50 over a decade ago, Steve recognizes he’s a bit of a late bloomer but doesn’t feel that is any reason to count him out. He found himself still having the it-factor when he walked away a semi-finalist in the 2016 Song of the Year competition for his track “Timeless Wonder.” One is never too old for their second wind when it comes to life and Steve is taking a deep breath with music as he plans on recording a video, and booking shows in the coming months.

Those interested in hearing more from Steve Hutchinson or want to book him for a performance can check him out online, or get in touch via the information below.


Steve Hutchinson is a pop rock artist from London who went from being in a Moody Blues cover band at 50 to having his own solo career over a decade later. Now he’s working with his latest release, This August Night.

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