StarkLinnemann Quartet Drop Two Gold Winning Volumes


Rotterdam, The Netherlands – March 1, 2017 – For StarkLinnemann the equivalent to a gold medal at the Olympics is the degree of agelessness of a group’s music. As musicians and composers they are creating a style of their own by blending jazz- with elements of classical- and world music.

With the launch of their third album Transcending Chopin Volume 2 & 3 in the fall of 2016, the StarkLinnemann Quartet is a fact.
Since its foundation in 2012 they have worked with diverse line-ups and have shown to be very versatile in terms of musical styles and genres. This can also be heard on their albums Awake (2014) and Transcending Chopin Volume 1 (2016). The genre of Stark Linnemann is best described as: Universal Crossover Music.

StarkLinnemann compositions are a symbiosis between modern authentic rhythms and traditional sounds. Their definition of being an artist means to constantly push one self in order to reach the ultimate rendition of a work of art, and their approach of transforming classical masterpieces by Liszt and Chopin into long and complex but coherent and moving modern jazz compositions is exceptional in jazz-history.

Chances are that StarkLinnemann will stand the test of time so that 150 years from now, people will still appreciate StarkLinnemann’s music!

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StarkLinnemann Quartet
Jonas Linnemann
Marienbornstraat 60
[email protected]

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StarkLinnemann Quartet (Netherlands) Universal-Crossover-Music  The co-leaders of the StarkLinnemann Quartet Jonas Linnemann (drums) and Paul Stark (piano) have been searching… ...Read More


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