Sshyaam Announces New Singles

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New Song In Time For Holidays

November 2, 2018 –  Heart winning artist, Sshyaam is thrilled to announce the release of his upcoming songs.

“If You Were With Me” received a lot of play when it was released back in 2016. Now it plans to get even more with five variations dropping between now and April 2019. Including the orchestral version dropping October 26, 2018. Thrilled fans can expect a rock, orchestra, remix and more versions of the song that originally started out as a pop ballad. Sshyaam is not only offering up an array of “If You Were With Me,” but also a song just in time for the holidays.

“Christmas is Coming” will debut on December 14, 2018. It is a song that will create an ambiance that is both thoughtful and sad. It focuses on Christmas celebration and others who are in love, lost their loved ones and need to make prayers to the angels to fulfill their wishes and helped those in need. “Christmas is Coming” shows the ups and downs in life and also to forgive others and the feeling of loneliness, but the festive season can bring joy and smile back on one’s face.

Sshyaam’s Musical Endeavors, Sshyaam’s label is unique and has never been performed before. He notes,  “I grew up believing never give up on my dream.” The musical journey of Sshyaam has not been all roses. At a very young age, the artist lost some communication, preventing him from pursuing his dreams to perform in public. His inability to communicate also inabled him from pursuing a career as a doctor. While the curse of silence came with a price, it was also a gift because it led him down a creative path. Due to the practice of yoga and with isolation, he is able to connect with the creator and compose music or melodies whenever had ups or down.

Money and fame are not the goals in Sshyaam’s life. In his forties, he says if he sums up the whole population wealth, that would still be insufficient to pay for one breath in life which is free and taken for granted.

Contact Information For more information, promos requests or to set up an interview with the artist, visit the official webpage of Sshyaam.


The new songs include:
If You Were With Me (Released 2/13/16)
If You Were With Me (Orchestra)-Release (10/26/18)
If You Were With Me (Special) – To be released November 18
If You Were With Me (Rock) – To be released December 2018
If You Were With Me (Reprise) – To be released February 2019
If You Were With Me (Remix) – To be released date April 2019
Christmas is Coming (Proposed released date – 12/14/18)
If You Were With Me (The final best) – To be released 2020

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