Soulful Symphonies, Moving Messages- Christian & African Gospel Artist Micaiah (Olu Laoye) Unveils Sophomore Album


Micaiah marks a striking comeback with majestic and riveting new album, “You Alone” and music video, “Do”

Irving, Texas —June 4th, 2023 – A seasoned Gospel music minister Micaiah has only recently released a new single “Do,” coupled with a visually stunning music video, characteristic of her previous works. Known for her commitment to excellence, the talented artist consistently pairs her music with top-notch Gospel music videos.

In a delightful surprise, the new video features a cameo appearance by renowned music producer and Yamaha ambassador, Wole Oni, who is also the mastermind behind the arrangement and instrumentation of the song.

“Do” captivates listeners with a blend of African Traditional folk music infused with elements of Jazz and Soul. Its essence lies in the recognition of God’s omnipotence, serving as a supplication for His divine intervention to disrupt the normal and abnormal aspects of life. The song is also a heartfelt expression of worship, honoring God’s omniscience and boundless power.

Micaiah shared the inspiration behind “Do,” stating, “I composed this song during the lowest times of my life. I had no other choice but to cry out to God. And just when everything seemed to be going haywire, I crossed paths with one of the most incredible producers in the world, who co-wrote the verses with me.”

Micaiah’s musical journey has been marked by beautiful compositions and captivating visuals, including songs like “Tani T’Oluwa,” “Kilode,” and “Thank You” featuring Mike Abdul.

As a dedicated Gospel music minister, she has graced over 50 stages across the United States, including prestigious events like the African-American Christian Women’s Conference in Dallas, Texas, and RCCG Georgia. Her talent has also been recognized at the Nigerian Fashion and Beauty Awards in Houston, Texas, among others. from this remarkable Gospel music minister.

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Micaiah is a Christian artiste and worship leader, who derives much joy in leading the congregation of God in the act of praise and worship. She sings prophetic and inspirational songs to encourage anyone who is willing to worship God in spirit and truth. Her name, Micaiah, which means “who is like Yahweh” remains her motto, as she continues to glorify God in psalms, songs, articles, charity, and short video exhortation.

Micaiah is also a song writer, a recording artiste, a business consultant, a motivational speaker, an actress, and the author of her newly launched self-help memoir titled, “Lessons from My Kitchen”. Both of Micaiah’s music albums titled “Tani t’Oluwa” and “You Alone” are received widely in the United States, the United Kingdom and Africa.

Micaiah Ministries was birthed about 27 years ago, when Micaiah started seeing visions, and prophesying to her family members at a very young age. She started singing around that time to family and friends; and composed spiritual songs with her maternal Grandmother, who is of blessed memory. She also implemented charity drives about 15 years ago, and sang at Churches, and fellowships.

At some point of her personal life re-dedication to God, Micaiah realized that there is a difference between talent and anointing, and that the anointing upon her life could make a difference, rather than just singing and writing songs for pleasure. Thus since 2010, she started writing and retaining her own songs under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Finally in late 2013, Micaiah obeyed the divine call from Christ Jesus to start ministering to other people with the songs that she wrote.


Name: Micaiah (Olu Laoye)



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