Snub Noze’s Penitentiary Rhymes


Hard Time Didn’t Stop This Emcee


Aurora, CO – May 16, 2017 – When someone has had a life like hip hop artist Snub Noze, it’s kind of overwhelming to take in. Multiple incarcerations, and even more arrests it’s hard to believe that he’s made it as far as he has. A statistic that should have gone the other way, he’s risen above the adversity and negativity to come out the other end a strong emcee who has a story to tell.

In and out of the system since he was a teen, Snub Noze knows all too well the reality of being put away. While locked up, he made the most of his time there by rhyming. Taking requests from fellow inmates, he developed a reputation in the prison system. Charges for drugs and possession of weapons all wracked up on his rap sheet as he worked on his rap skills. Then in 2008 he dropped his first single featuring Young Doe, “Single Actin a Fool.” Some drama came with the release, and he was put back in. Fast forward to today and Snub Noze is a free man after several years served of an 18-year sentence. Starting from the bottom he has very little expect his single, “Penitentiary Poetry.”

Over 100,000 streams later, Snub Noze has proven he has what it takes to survive outside of the system as much as he did inside. That’s not to say that time away didn’t help shape him into the artist he is today. It was in jail that he crafted his stage presence performing everywhere from Four Mile Corrections to Walsenburg Corrections. Now that he’s out, he wants to perform in the more traditional sense. That’s not all though, he is also focusing on acting, and penning a book as well as a script to tell his story.

Those interested in adding “Penitentiary Poetry” or his upcoming single “In My Dreams” to their playlists, interviewing Snub Noze or booking him for a showcase can get in touch via the information provided below.


Snub Noze is a rapper who has spent the better part of his life crafting his rap game behind bars. Finally a free man he’s focusing on the future with his latest single, “Penitentiary Poetry.”

Snub Noze
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