Slim Hustle New Mixtape How To Jacc A Beat Vol. 4 is out now


Contact Information:   [Slim Hustle] []     Hustleville Entertainment Announces the New Mixtape How To Jacc A Beat Vol. 4 from Slim Hustle FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Atlanta, GA – Hustleville Entertainment is thrilled to announce the release of the latest installment of the series from Slim Hustle, How To Jacc A Beat Vol. 4, available everywhere today.   How To Jacc A Beat Vol. 4 is the latest installment of the How To Jacc A Beat series from Slim Hustle that includes your favorite rappers beats being made into Slim Hustle’s.  Tracks like Checc Me Out, Burn, and G Season really show why Slim Hustle belongs in this industry. Hustleville Entertainment also introduces it’s flagship artist Castro Da Bighomie who is not shy when it comes to a microphone.  He also has something to prove in this industry and showcases his talent on this project as well.


Slim Hustle has been rapping for years and his hard work is finally paying off to reach new heights. It… ...Read More

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