GIG Music Group Presents Skully’s Ddebut Single, “Fully Loaded”



United States – September 6, 2016 – GIG Music Group is proud to present the debut single release by Skully. This announcement is exclusive to the anticipated release of “Fully Loaded” featuring Platinum Rapper N.O.R.E. This inventive ensemble has generated positive energy and sheer excitement from the critics.

This new single is Skully’s debut to the hip hop and rap realm. This long awaited masterpiece has been developed through a decade of perfecting his passion. Skully is not new to the music world, as he has had the pleasure of working with Grammy producers Justice League. Skully and GIG Music Group are the perfect team to bring “Fully Loaded” to the forefront of the hip hop and rap community. As an artist, he has evolved over the years to an exceptional contemporary sound. His ability to provide a unique approach to hip hop, has made “Fully Loaded” a personal reflection of his individuality. The culminating of life experiences and legendary Hip Hop artists such as, Nas, Fat Joe, Big Pun and Terror Squad; have made this a powerful new single.

In partnership with GIG Music Group, Skully released “Fully Loaded” to the world on back at the beginning of July. The single is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and all major online retailers. This masterful Single is arguably an eminent contender to be a number one single because “Fully Loaded” has a unique sound that tantalizes the senses with the influence of platinum rapper N.O.R.E., and will leave an indelible impression on music lovers.

GIG Music Group is located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. This noteworthy endeavor was undertaken in late 2015 and is sure to be another successful artist launch by their talented creative team. Learn more about Skully at or with the contact information listed below.

“Fully Loaded” can be purchase here.


A Philadelphia native and Tampa transplant, Skully has always been influenced by the top names of hip hop. In fact, the that culture has one of the constants in his life. From LL Cool J videos to Philadelphia’s own Beanie Sigal, hip hop transformed Skully into a prodigy and devoted creator of energetic rhythm.

GIG Music Group
P.O. Box 13806, St Petersburg FL 33733



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