Skorge DA Hoodlum Announces Release of ‘Alarm Clock’ LP



Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania – January 31, 2017 – Skorge DA Hoodlum is happy to announce his official LP Alarm Clock is on the way with 10 refreshing tracks all original production by himself, he is gearing up to bring his most critically acclaimed, most anticipated project to date riding off the buzz of his steady growing EP Ftlan. He is set to keep the streets on fire with this new project.

This is the first official studio project by Skorge DA Hoodlum. After countless underground mixtapes, he’s determined to prove he can put together a quality original project from beginning to end as From Hype Magazine to Crunkatlanta Magazine to to even the old music company talent 2k called Skorge DA Hoodlum is one of the special artists that come around every so often, with Alarm Clock he sets out to prove just that. The new LP will be dropping April 26 on all digital retailers and autographed hard copies will be available exclusively on alarm clock is a project devoted to inspiring motivating and giving listeners a closer glimpse into just who Skorge DA Hoodlum is.

Each fan has been touched by Skorge DA Hoodlum in different ways, like all the greats past, present and future who find a way to connect with there fans on a deeper level through the music, with Alarm Clock he is setting his sights on making a deeper connection with his most personal material to date through his triumphs and mistakes.

Checkout Skorge DA Hoodlum’s latest video here.


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