SkinsNbones Show Environmental Concern With Latest Single 


“Boadgee Ghost” Available Now 


Beenleigh, Australia – April 29 2020 – skinsNbones delivered classic rock with a modern, unapologetic attitude with their debut single “Is There Meaning?” Now they’re back in a mere matter of months with their second release, “Boadgee Ghost.” 

skinsNbones proved to be a dynamic force with their debut, “Is There Meaning?” Gritty vocals that have the power to transport listeners back to the days when rock and roll was supreme. It was apparent with their first and it’s even more so with “Boadgee Ghost.” While the asked the big question the first time around, this time skinsNbones is taking on another issue; the environment. With each passing day more and more of the world’s natural habitats are ceasing to exist. In their place, concrete jungles grow. The balance between modern civilization and the natural beauty of the world continues to sway to one side, and these Australian rockers want to call attention to that. 

In a matter of months, the four talented musicians that make up skinsNbones have put in as much work as their peers who’ve been at it for decades. Creating anthemic rock songs that aren’t just entertaining, but meaningful and musically inspiring in such a short time. If “Is There Meaning?” came that quick, and not even two months later they’re at it again with “Boadgee Ghost.” 

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SkinsNbones delivers classic rock with a modern feel with their latest hard-hitting anthem, “Boadgee Ghost.”

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