Simply Dre – The True Story


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Minister Andre “Simply Dre” Bean, Sr.
Album: Simply Dre – The True Story
Andre Bean Productions

The boundaries that define Gospel are constantly changing; traditionalists would say it is all about simple melodic beats and traditional words, but the new contemporary artists would say it can be anything as long as the true spirit of God in which it began remains.

Minister Andre Bean, Sr. aka Simply Dre has found a unique way to incorporate both styles to become one of the Bay Area’s leading cotemporary gospel artists. He is furnished with a great intellectual power, the anointing and knowledge of the word of God and the ability to touch those around him with song. Minister Andre Bean is on a mission to save the lost.

While having been blessed at an early age, Minister Bean aka Simply Dre began performing at family functions, local talent shows, weddings and various clubs. Through his vast networking abilities, these events have lead him to perform with such notarized secular artist as Master P, Dangerous Dame, Lil Ric, Rappin 4 Tay and a host of other rappers and singers.

Although the secular world afforded him many opportunities to perform, it was a strong calling of God on his life that made him realize that he had a much higher purpose. God revealed to him that he was given a special gift to reach the masses. Minister Simply Dre feels that it’s his duty and obligation to spread the gospel to a lost generation. He understood the message and his purpose in life. It was then that he returned to his roots of the Gospel. Through gospel music, he has experienced some of his greatest joys by seeing young and old give their lives to Christ. Now having seen many souls saved at his performances, he is now more than ever determined to reach un-believers.

He starts off every show with his own personal testimony of his struggles through life and his God given ability to overcome the obstacles he encountered in his life. Speaking on his love for Christ, Minister Bean has shown everyone that “you can do all things through Christ which strengthen you”.

When talking to Minister “Simply Dre” Bean, one wonders how he came up with the name “Simply Dre”. Being around him you get the sense that there is nothing simple about this man of God.

Asking Dre, “How did you feel about giving up the fame, fortune and glamour of the secular world?” Dre says, “Only what you do for Christ will last.”

After you listen to his music, you will understand the title “Simply Dre ‘The True Story”. Minister Bean aka Simply Dre gives his all to uplift the Spirit of God through his ministry of song. You get nothing more or nothing less than a true man of God.

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