Shawn Skrzek Aims for Screen Time


Canadian Hard Rocker with Decades of Experience


Ontario, Canada – July 21, 2016 – Millennials have it pretty easy, and that’s caused them to not care as much about things as long as those born before them. One day they’re into this and the next week it’s something else. Having a career longer than a few years can be daunting, but for Shawn Skrzek – it’s been a blessing.

He’s been a musician for nearly four decades now and in the past 15 years or so decided to take flight on a solo path with the release of Sexsanity back in 2000. Today he has more songs on deck, but is looking for a record deal to record them, or a music director to sweep them up for use in a feature film or on the small screen.

Music like Shawn Skrzek’s is emotive. He says of his sound, “My music covers an array of emotions from excitement, anger, the pains of love, as well as songs about dreams, the devil,  sex, and the whole human experience.” With all of that attached to his hard rock sound that will remind listeners of the days when Black Sabbath and Judas Priest were coming up, one can hear his sound being prominently featured in films and on TV that has more of an edge; such as anything encased in the horror or suspense genre.

Shawn Skrzek is not only a lyricist and instrumentalist wearing multiple hats across the board to make his music come alive. As someone with almost 40 years in the business, he’s a professional to work with. With that, those who are interested in working with Skrzek can connect with him using the information provided below.


Shawn Skrzek is a hard rock artist who not only writes his own songs, but also performs them with the same fervor as Ozzy. A solo act today after spending the greater part of his life in bands, he’s looking for someone to utilize his music in movies and on television.

Shawn Skrzek


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