Setting up Press release interview for Sir B


Contact: Brian Brooks
Phone: 404-630-4828

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Born in Loma Linda, California, college hippie, culture filled innovative artist Sir B is writing a story in music that most would call a fairytale. He’s undeniably and beyond question one of the most innovative writers to nonchalantly impact 2013’s independent music landscape. Writing and Engineering music for a multitude of artist in Atlanta for the past few years has made him the ideal artist to work with and watch out for in the near future. “You see my angle? I dangle in different dangers no stranger than Cain and Abel says Sir B combining ingenious intellectual personality into his lyrics and fusing the eclectic styles of tomorrow’s generation into his music, originates him as a future pioneer in hip hop culture.
Dropping out of the University of saint Mary in Leavenworth, Kansas, Sir B dumped his athletic dreams as a football star to continue pursuing his dreams as a rapper in 2008. Interning at several different studio’s before finding a recording home at 247 studio’s in Atlanta, Georgia where he perfected his craft as a writer and engineer day in and day out for the next 5 years, leading to the release of his debut mix tape entitled “SIR’tified. Taking a mixture of old school hip hop, RnB and today’s generation of rap and fusing them together with his own complex lyrics of life, love, and leadership. Being chased by Sally mae and student loans while he continues to chase his own musical aspirations.
Sir B one day dreams of branching off of his music and building an artistic brand of his own benefitting artist who aren’t fortunate enough to be acknowledged due to life’s circumstances. He believes in challenging mediocrity. He believes in thinking differently. He believes in creativity beyond the social and current clich√©’s. The way he challenge’s mediocrity is by knowing “who he is, knowing “who he can become and properly planning and finding the right tools and people to help achieve what some may call the impossible. Low and behold becoming Inspiration for the less inspired.
“He just so happens to make timeless music… lend him an ear