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Laredo, Texas — December 1, 2017 — It has been a few months already since the debut album for Santacruz was released. Although much of the focus has been on getting the word out and promoting the release on various music outlets, such as CD Baby, iTunes, and Spotify to name a few, it is now time to do what Santacruz loves to do most…playing music before an actual audience.

Santacruz is about “sharing music with people”, says Jose Santacruz, leader of the band that carries his name. The album, Healing Touch, has slowly been picking up steam online in online streaming services such as Spotify. He is looking forward to sharing the music in a live music setting. It’s what he loves to do most.

“I miss playing live before people. I am a musician first, businessman second…and I miss the musical experimentation and connection with an audience that goes on when performing live. You get to open up the sound and experiment with the gear in a live situation. And with an audience there, it is almost like having a conversation with a group of people.” Jose adds, “You have to give it your best when playing in any situation, and like Stevie Ray Vaughan once said, you have to play each note as if it were your last.”

You can catch Santacruz live soon in South Texas in the coming months, starting in his hometown of Laredo, Texas. The album Healing Touch is available for download and streaming online today.

What is the best thing about being a musician? Playing live of course! And for Santacruz, this is no exception.

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