Sanova – ArtistPR Press Release

Contact: DeVaughn Skillern
Phone: 3239093821

Contact: DeVaughn Skillern
Date: 04.22.2012


With Stars Rising Fast From The South, California’s Music Scene Gets Much Needed Facelift.

Equipped with nothing more than a microphone and his college-issued laptop, a Southern
California musician named Sanova is a fresh breath of music that may help Los Angeles
County regain its hold on the music industry; all while remaining a prominent inspiration to
local independent artists. With only the most basic equipment and an impressive amount of
know-how, Sanova has independently composed, produced, and released three full-length
albums and one music video of such high standard that he has garnered much more
attention than just any starving artist; Sanova recently won a round-trip ticket to SXSW Music
Festival and a chance to grace the stage as part of Power 106 fm’s “Who’s Next in Hip Hop
contest. All through his own effort, Sanova’s viral presence has already spread to over 13

Connecting elements of Electro and Hip-Hop to Jazz and Reggae, Sanova’s music is very
well-rounded as he nimbly navigates around his in-house production with very versatile lyrics.
A Los Angeles native, Sanova encapsulates the vibe and persona of the south bay with every
song, guaranteed to surprise the listener who is already all too familiar with some of the drab
passed off in today’s popular music.
Having graced the stage at this year’s SXSW Music Festival and maintaining regular
performances in Long Beach, Sanova is already planning his second California Cross-College
Tour where he performs at all the major universities from San Diego to Northridge. Sanova
makes feel-good music that students can enjoy, and also touches on real-life subjects with
sophisticated lyrics boasting through his young and care-free demeanor.

Sanova writes, produces, records, and engineers every one of his own records and albums.
He even plays a roll editing and directing his music videos and promo spots. “This kid is
seriously talented, as proclaimed by a Music Theory professor at the University of California
State Dominguez Hills. Possessing the knowledge of an audio engineering graduate, Sanova
makes the most out of what he has to use and creates astoundingly professional quality
music and videos that continues to grow his impressive fan base.


If you would like more information about this artist, or to schedule an interview with Sanova,
please contact DeVaughn Skillern at or by calling (310) 400-0665.