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Seattle, Washington, – August 19, 2016 – Recording artist, producer, songwriter, and engineer, Juan Carbajal, also known as $acred G is breaking through the surface in the Seattle hip hop music scene. Arriving with an impenetrable demeanor and confidence, $acred G’s outlook is looking quite promising with such a captivating finesse for creating hip hop music, $acred G is not the artist to sleep on.

The 22-year -old, $acred G got his start when he picked up the drums at only seven-years-old, and has been developing his skills ever since. $acred G says, “I draw my inspiration from consciousness and open mindedness. I am inspired from all genres and forms of music and art. I think of creativity as a fluid object that can be molded/formed and pulled from other sources of creativity to create something new.” His outlook definitely has validity in the sense that every artists is his/her own combination of experiences that are results of open mindedness. Also, coming from an artist who already uses such inspiring combinations so well makes his claim more empathetic.

The emcee explains, “As an artist I am trying to convey a message of pure potential, and how everyone has the ability to create something out of thin air.” Such a statement should not only hold true for aspiring artists, but everyone committed to contributing a voice to the world. The artist’s regard for music as a creative outlet, is highly evolved and highly inspiring to all artists alike.

$arced G has been writing, recording, mixing, and mastering, his own music for well over the past five years. The artist’s’ versatile and diverse skills are highly applicable in today’s quickly progressing and developing music industry. Innovative artist’s like $acred G are imperative for the future of the music industry.


$acred G
Juan Carbajal

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