RoyalTee Puts Final Touches on Fearless Mixtape


The Crown Tape Out Spring 2018

Covington, Georgia – January 2, 2018 – Slaying local talent shows for years was proof enough for RoyalTee. He knew then what he is sure of now, that going after a career in hip-hop was the right thing for him to do. Currently working on his upcoming release, The Crown Tape, RoyalTee is ready to show the world what he’s all about.

RoyalTee is unlike many of his peers in that he’s got a college education in his back pocket. A BS in Computer Science Information Technology isn’t a common phrase in the hip-hop community, but this southern emcee is hoping to make it one. He notes, “I want to do something no rapper, does, and that continues school.” With a BS already to his name, he wants to continue to do more with his education while simultaneously working on his music career.

With an education and a raw talent that likens him to Drake and Logic, RoyalTee is the next rapper in line to make waves in the industry with the upcoming mixtape, The Crown Tape. RoyalTee promises an entertaining yet fearless set of tracks that showcase his inability to succumb to the trials and tribulations that have come his way throughout his lifetime. Despite the constant setbacks, he’s looking forward.

Those interested in reviewing The Crown Mixtape, offering a preview, or interviewing RoyalTee about his educated hip-hop can get in touch via the information provided below.


RoyalTee is a college educated rapper with an upcoming mixtape entitled The Crown Tape dropping Spring 2018.


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