Rocky Krim A&R Meeting with Atlantic Records Along With COAST2COAST 2023 CHAMPIONSHIP

Rocky Krim

Douglasville, GA — Rocky Krim Has A personal A&R meeting with Vice president Jeff Sledge, VP of A&R Atlantic Records On September 23rd 2023. Following that he has a 1st round championship to attend to for COAST2COAST LIVE November 10th 2023 to compete for the $50,000 dollar prize.

Rocky Krim Has lots of support from his family, friends, Homies and from New Fans just now finding out about him because of how much he has been networking, grinding and pushing his music constantly. They can feel and relate to his music, so they can’t help themselves into listening to more considering he has different music for different kinds of people. Rocky krim loves making music everyone and anyone can relate to. His Music Can be found on ALL platforms.

Rocky Krim Has been very consistent Releasing 3 new music videos in 4 months. Rocky krim has a somewhat chip on his shoulder and feels he has something amazing to show the world and wants to prove he isn’t like the rest of these rappers nowadays and speaks about his past life or current life, regardless he always speaks about something real, too real that you can’t help but relate to it and listen to more.

2022 was the worst year of his life, not including the passing of one of his best friends. After his friends passing he could not and did not want to believe it, after a few days he went through alot mentally and was stuck in darkness for a while and headed back down hill. His friend always believed in him, especially music. Rocky Krim knew he was looking down on him knowing he would be there every step of the way so Rocky Krim tattooed his name on half his back then pushed himself harder than he ever has before with his music career and feels that GOD & his best friend has everything to do with his success. Even if he’s in Heaven looking down or in spirit along side him, as well as his girlfriend and there 4 kids being great support with his music takeover.

Rocky Krim who came from a hard life, been through as much as he has and who is blessed to still be alive, everyone including himself believes GOD has gave him a special gift as a Musician/Artist and has 1 mission. That mission is to continue making great music and touch the hearts and souls of fans who need it. Music is life, atleast for Rocky Krim and music is the only thing besides his kids that still gives him hope.




Rocky Krim is always Grinding and pushing his music career to new heights. His famous saying is..




Rocky Krim
Name: Rocky Krim
Address: 4522 sunflower dr, Douglasville, GA
Phone: 6788875472
Press Kit:



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