Hawaii — September 1, 2017 — Fire Prince is an indie artist promoting passion with a purpose. His songs wander through corridors of rock, pop, and singer-songwriter genres. Fire Prince is real. His music, as acoustic watercolors, cry out as portraits of unvarnished truth at frequencies designed to tune the soul.

In rural Hawaii, where the rainforest meets the sea, there is a micro-climate where rock, pop, and singer-songwriter genres spark a fire. Arising from these flames you will find Kai Swigart, the artist Fire Prince. With guitar in hand, he stands in full command of this flammable mixture of styles. His latest single, Our Love Will Find a Way, is another phoenix rising up from his many lives reborn. This sizzling track is a result of the love from a past life reappearing in this one, assimilating his poetic lyrics, gritty vocals, and mellifluous muses from two lifetimes into an ambience of rocking castanets.

Swigart hales from stylish genes infusing musing with musicians, writers, and poets. His sisters and cousins are recognized throughout the playlists and libraries you know and love. From Nat King Cole to Lincoln Park, he and his family sing the songs of soul, sweet love, and circumstance.

In 2015, a reconnection with Rebeccah, his soulmate from another lifetime, was the inspiration for this song. “In truth, death is part of life, and should be celebrated, since another one, hopefully with higher vibrations, will soon follow. When we are fortunate enough to find a love from the past in the present, and share its wisdom, truth, and love again somehow; it can help us realize, with even greater hope, that our love will find a way.” Swigart says.

Swigart teamed up with Grammy-awarded producer Charles Brotman, mixing master Joe Marlett, and a stellar cast of studio artists to record and produce this “Wonder Song.” Among these you will find Evan Marks and Allan Phillips vibing down a Latin court and spark.

It’s been a long and winding road, stretching across 948 years; but these many lifetimes of experiences have made Swigart the singer-songwriter, poet, and spiritualist he is today. Indeed, the flammable mixture of rock, pop, and singer- songwriter styles; with a timeless Latin flair; engage your feet, and the rocking castanets.

When we focus its truth, our love will find a way.

If you believe in real love, feel its magic at a frequency designed to tune the soul…


Passion with a purpose…

Fire Prince
Kai Swigart

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Fire Prince is an indie artist promoting passion with a purpose. His songs wander through corridors of rock, pop, and… ...Read More

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