Rob Duquette’s music


Contact: Rob Duquette
Phone: 207-710-4341

SACO, ME – Kristen DiCara-McClellan, of the Portland Press Herald put it this way: “If you ever find yourself feeling as if there was nothing in the world that could lift your spirits, you surely haven’t heard Rob Duquette’s new CD, “Love Is Contagious.” Rob has released a new CD of original world music for kids (of all ages).

“That was my goal from the start, recalls Rob. “To create a children’s music with an inherent positive message that won’t drive parents crazy!

A longtime sideman-multi-instrumentalist and music educator, Rob has spent the last 4 years working out his tunes for kids. He is also leader of his own “grown-up group, “duquette, also releasing a new CD!

“Well the kid’s music is fun, I get to incorporate my interest in music and cultures around the world, while singing about things that are important, like brushing your teeth, being kind… Rob explains. “And with duquette, the music is similar but the subject matter is more relative to us grown ups. “Also, when you see duquette live, we’re bound to go in any direction from pop, rock, funk, jazz, world grooves and free improvisation.

You can learn more about Rob Duquette Children’s Music and duquette at Or email 207-710-4341.