Rhonda High Browne Drops Latest Heartfelt Single, “Your Daughter Needs You”


Smooth Jazz from a Windy City Native


Hazel Crest, Illinois – August 15, 2016 – Singing since she was a child and getting back into it after a career in modeling, Rhonda High Browne is one of the premiere smooth jazz singers in the Chicago area. Performing all over the city, she has made a name for herself both as a solo artist and as the leader of Pieces, a soulful R&B ensemble. Now though she’s sharing her talents with her latest release, “Your Daughter Needs You.”

Much like Kelly Clarkson’s “Piece by Piece” that left audiences in shambles when the American Idol performed it line on the series final season, Browne’s “Your Daughter Needs You” tells the tale of a woman living her life void of her father. Something that happens more often than not, Browne’s take varies from Clarkson’s, but also touches the heart as she delivers her own message on the subject.

Currently available, listeners can expect another single to join “Your Daughter Needs You” soon as Browne plans on releasing another in the next few months or so. In the meantime listeners can take in her single, along with her Christmas album, which is available on YouTube. While continuing with her own music that includes pop, neo soul and more on top of her signature sound, she is also planning on writing for other artists as well in that time.

Those interested in hearing Rhonda High Browne’s latest single can head to her website, and those interested in connecting for songwriting, performances, etc. can get in touch with her via the information below.


Rhonda High Browne is a Chicago native who discovered early on she had skills in the vocal department. Grown today, she is a solo artist on to of the leader of the R&B band, Pieces. Today she has a powerful single, “Your Daughter Needs You,” available – with more on the way.

Rhonda Browne
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Official Site: http://www.rhondahighbrowne.com
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