Revolutionary Music Against The Injustice Of Our Times: Modern Natives Release A Hit New Single That Inspires Introspection.

Modern Natives

This mix of punk, rock, and alternative music is premised on the need for femme-centered healthcare which gives them the simple right to choose in matters of their own body.

Fairbanks, AK — June 28th, 2022- Modern Natives is a new up-and-coming band that is specifically known for merging upbeat tunes with deep and powerful messages that try to create some form of social change. This music is a reflection of the social-good goals of these singers who work tumultuously to highlight the plight of those that are most affected by the oppressive regimes that they live in. Modern Natives, thus, stands distinctively as a band that realizes the true power of music in creating actual progress.

This Punk trio believes that Paxton Smith’s valedictorian speech shed light on the issue of abortion and in doing so also illuminated the larger question around bodily autonomy. With the recent onslaught against abortion by pro-lifers, there is a renewed debate on the ethics of abortion. For Modern Natives, the debate seems to be tilted in one favor and as more states join into the tussle the band believes that it’s important to use music as a mode of emotive expression.

This Belongs To Me” is a novel single that soldiers against the regressive politics that has taken hold of American society. Taking away the right to abortion essentially means that you take away multiple freedoms and create barriers to safe healthcare. Additionally, the eclectic artists know that people would continue to seek abortions either way; it’s just that those methods would lead to many more complications. In this sense, this single is similar to “Holes and Joes” which attempts to use catchy tunes and deep lyrics as a means of knocking some sense into the minds of those that support this right with finality.

It is this music that makes listeners excited, pumped, and empowered in a way never seen before. The talented artists are preparing to go on tour to support their latest releases starting in late August 2022. The tour’s first leg is through Canada, down the West Coast, and across the Southern US. Modern Natives is excited to bring their high-energy live shows to new audiences to share their positivity and sound!

Stream the inspiring artist’s music on YouTube as well as Spotify on the following link here Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this email



Modern Natives is a high-energy trio formed in Florida featuring raunchy bass lines, audacious guitar,  and a melting pot full of vocals. They love to have fun with their music while making sure the lyrics are meaningful. An ever-changing sound, blending rock, punk, pop, and subgenres. The inspiring artists are an explosive crossover – the new standard for punk rock.

The eclectic band was formed in 2009 by Dezy Hall, who is a sound engineer by trade with over 20 years of experience playing guitar, bass, and drums. Savannah LaBua is an NSF scholar near completion of her master’s in biological sciences – fisheries ecology. She has over 20 years of vocal experience and 2 years on the bass. Nick Hudson, a former member of The Young Americans music outreach organization has over 15 years experience on the guitar and bass. Both are excited to introduce this revolution through music to the world!


Modern Natives
Name: Modern Natives



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