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Miami, Florida, United States of America – May 19th, 2014 – Rene Curbelo is the songwriter-producer owner of Digital Pursuit Music, a studio specializing in music that is a fusion of Latin and rock music.

Curbelo is a classically-trained keyboard player, who has retired from playing live, and now exclusively works in his private recording studio, Digital Pursuit Music. As Curbelo explains, “I’ve combined the musical genres of rock, jazz and Latin into one fusion, something that I feel is unique, and excitingly different to what I hear in the vast majority of today’s music.”

Additionally, Curbelo aims to find collaborative partners in recording artists, producers, publishers and record labels to help release and re-record his original compositions. At Digital Pursuit Music, he records original material using virtual instruments in symphony with live instruments and vocalists, lending a further air of creativity to his work.

Currently Curbelo is in the process of releasing Que Fuma, a Latin-rock inspired song with English lyrics, dealing with themes of smoking marijuana, and Improvisito, a Latin-jazz instrumental piece. Curbelo also has a SoundCloud-exclusive song, Miss Stuff, an R&B/rock song which deals with themes of gold-digging women, which he plans to release across other distribution channels.

Interested recording artists, producers, publishers and record labels can contact Rene Curbelo today and discover more.

About Rene Curbelo
Rene Curbelo is ths son of Jose Curbelo, a 40s-50s Latin band leader. His musical heritage has led to a 30-year career in the music industry. Presently he is focused on composing, producing and recording in his Digital Pursuit Music recording stereo. In 2014, Curbelo plans to release many more original works. For more information, see Rene Curbelo’s website.



  1. Clarence Smith (CNote)

    Hi, I was wondering if you were still looking for someone to collaborate with if so you can check out my music and see if i fit the type of artist you are seeking. Check out my song “Taking My Time” is still in progress but it sounds like maybe just what you are seeking. Get back with me and I guess we will take it from there.

    Kind Regards,
    Clarence Smith

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