Reigniting Sweet Nostalgia with Kross Kountry: Poor Ol’ Willie Strikes All the Right Chords in South Texas

Kross Kountry

The Kross Kountry Band marks a resurgent return with a humorous hit, bringing old and new fans together

Shiner, Texas —January 19th, 2024 – Released in September 2023, “Poor Ol’ Willie” is a breath of fresh air, a harmonious blend of nostalgia and contemporary humor by a Country-Rock band that needs no introduction- Kross Kountry.

Crafted by the band leader, Waldo Boehm, the stunning new single radiates all with infectious melodies and humorous lyrics, addressing pertinent issues in today’s society. The track’s accompanying video on YouTube, garnering thousands of views within weeks, has become a visual anthem for Kross Kountry’s revival.

More than a song, “Poor Ol’ Willie” has worked its magic, reuniting the members of Kross Kountry who once shared the stage in their heyday. Bass player Brian Beran’s smooth vocal performance delivers raw emotion that draws the listeners attention to the cleverly worded lyrics.  Nick Shimek adds harmonies and puts the rhythm guitar track right into the groove laid down by drummer Bobby Kallus.  On top of this foundation Howard Gloor, lead guitar player, adds melody lines and solos that create magic between these old friends.  The eclectic new release highlights the band’s enduring musical prowess and reignites the camaraderie among the band’s seasoned musicians. The band, once scattered by time and distance, finds themselves brought together once again by the magic of “Poor Ol’ Willie.”

Waldo Boehm, hailing from Shiner, Texas, has the ability to infuse humor and relevance into his compositions and he plans to release another song in June 2024.

“Poor Ol’ Willie” has already been well-received by fans, both old and new, and has been nothing short of spectacular.  Waldo, expresses his hope that “Poor Ol’ Willie” brings a smile to every listener. The song, born out of genuine creativity and a desire to connect, has indeed become a source of joy for many.

As Kross Kountry embarks on this new chapter, Waldo Boehm invites everyone to listen, enjoy, and share the music that transcends time.

Stream “Poor Ol’ Willie” on the artist’s official music streaming platforms and share the word regarding the renewed Rock phenomenon of Kross Kountry! For interviews, reviews, and/or information regarding the band’s new works, reach out to Mark Hybner



The Kross Kountry Band, renowned for their fusion of country and rock genres, amassed a devoted following in South Texas from 1974 to 1984. While their initial songs were crafted and recorded by the band members during that era, “Poor Ol’ Willie” stands out as a recent addition. With thousands tuning in to “Poor Ol’ Willie” and their other Spotify offerings, the band has experienced a resurgence. The music video for this latest track has also rapidly garnered thousands of views on YouTube!


Kross Kountry
Name: Mark Hybner



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