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Nantes — January 6, 2017 — Life is beautiful !
Great dance music inspires you to tap your toes, moves your hips, or snap your fingers.
FRED BLUE reach those goals with its first album called VICTORY

Some people loves the background sounds, which pulse to the beat of the music. Fred Blue simply try to do it. His goal is to create a background sound full of melodies and modern textures. Fred Blue Music is a voyage through an imaginary world while being guided with well choses reference points.

“I like it, cool, a very cool echo in my skull….” those are comments i have received after launched Victory Album. I love all kind of Music. I am unwilling to be stereotyped for my music tastes. That’s why in the album Victory you can listen to and recognise various styles of music.

The warmth and bounce of Fred Blue music are instantly convincing to anyone who hears it.

Listen to “Victory Album” of FRED BLUE on : Spotify, Deezer, Itunes…


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Fred Blue is a french solo artist since 2016. The swinging music of Fred Blue is set to a vibrant… ...Read More

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