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San Francisco, CA., September 27, 2012 – Amercian Theatrical Dance/Pop and Billboard Recording
Artist, RAQUELA is not new to the music industry. She has had her share of opening for huge Pop and Dance music stars like Lady GaGa, Deborah Cox, Lisa Lisa, Erika Jayne, Kristine W, Luciana, Robin S, CC Penniston, Crystal Waters and Stevie B. She’s been doing it since 2000 in her own innovative way. So why is it that now she is finally getting noticed?

While being raised in Northern California, many of her childhood buddies re-call how difficult it was watching the skinny and geeky German/Mexican hybrid grow up. Although bullied on a daily basis, none of it ever bothered her. She was too distracted by all her performing and songwriting starting at 7 years old. And before her friends new it, she was gone to college and off to Broadway, New York City. There she got to worked with everyone like Carol Burnet, Cloris Leachman and Toni Collette. But it was her time in New York that evolved her into the Pop star she is today. “Dance music will forever be a part of my life.” She was seen performing her ‘new sound’ in almost every NYC underground night club, including the Limelight, Therapy, The Roxy and even NYU!

New York City was good to her, but it was time to come back home to the West coast, which brings us to today. San Francisco is the lucky town that has taken full possession of her now. She has been getting spotted everywhere from Cafe Flore to the Beatbox. Several Magazines (Including Gloss) print about her weekly and describe her as, “Dynamic”, “The Voice”, “DIVA”, “Ridiculous energy”, “Funny” and “Beautiful”. The demand for Raquela is here and we hope she’s ready for more over-time. Much of Raquela’s past works has charted on Billboard. She has worked with some of the greatest in Dance music; Chris ‘The Greek’ Panaghi, Mickey Oliver (Godfather of House Music), Rod Carrillo and most recent, one of the Godfather’s of HiNRG, Leo Frappier.

Her recent releases have consisted of successful cover tracks like, “Tell It To My Heart”, “Gloria” and “Let The Music Play”. So many DJ’s want to re-produce her vocals from these works. She was often told that, “She really nailed it with her performances.” She still has several more new releases expected out by the beginning of next year, 2013.

However, Raquela says she’s had her fun with the covers and is ready to go back to her original sound. She is preparing a backing campaign through Kickstarter.com to help support her biggest single release ever. So what does this mean for the “sleeper hit” Diva? All we know is this, Raquela is getting booked for even more live appearances through many parts of the North West and has a lot to say, or rather… sing. All you can hope is that you happen to be in the right venue at the right time to catch this full-of-life performer… or, just Google her!

For more information on Raquela, check out the following websites:
Website- www.raquela.com
MySpace page- www.myspace.com/raquela
Facebook- www.facebook.com/theraquela
Record Label- www.isvent.com

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