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Raleigh NC — May 1, 2017 — The Collective Music Group is proud to
Introduce the latest addition to the hip-hop community RAH-1 and to
Announce the release of his new single “Let Me Show You feat. Teeny Barrino”

Rah-1 is a new Un-signed, male, hip hop artist who is making a
Name for himself as both a Dynamic lyricist and powerful hip-hop artist with
An incredibly grounded angle. His clean and attractive hip hop sound is
Guaranteed to burn up the mainstream charts. “The Representer” is
Demonstrative of RAH-1’s ability to blend soulful Hip-Hop and R&B beats with a smooth
Rap narrative that is catchy and impressive.

The single “LetMeShowYou is a powerful blend of today’s Hip
Hop and R&B beats that is on par with the likes of the Top hip hop artist of today.
“All My Life” has something for everybody across the hip-hop
Spectrum as it delivers the right combination of beats for the Mind,
Body and contemplative lyrics that rap enthusiasts will appreciate.

The albums First single is:
1. LetMeShowYou!
RAH-1’s single, “ LetMeShowYou”, will make you want to play the record
Back to back. The album “All My Life” pt.1 was designed with everyday people in mind.
People tired of hearing one side of the ghetto story, one side of a young African American male’s life

RAH-1 Will be a welcome addition to the hip hop community”

For a promotional copy of the single, “LetMEShowYou feat Teeny Barrino”, contact
The Collective Music Group at (919) 638-1775. To listen to “LetMeShowYou”,


The Collective Music Group is a music production and entertainment company based in
Raleigh North Carolina specializing in the quality production and promotion of todays
Hip-Hop, R&B artist. The Collective Music Group is headed by Rasheed Myers,
Business owner with a passion for bringing talent and people together.

Rasheed Myers
1225 waterford forest circ

Internet: www.facebook.com/tcmg1
Twitter @TeamCollective
Instagram @rah1rah1


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