PTLGPOONIELO Brings Change To Chicago With Boss

Chicago, IL — Friday, January 10th, 2020With today’s growing music market, Artists from all over are trying there best to get their music blasted in the ears of all music lovers across the globe. However, very few artists have a unique style. Not to mention, they don’t address much of society’s subliminal mind control over tactics that prevent others from conquering their fears, stress, or anger. PTLGPOONIELO, a south side Chicagoan independent artist, is bringing light to these issues in the form of uplifting and inspirational music; specifically with his latest single “Boss”.

With over 10,000 views on Youtube within the last 4 months, PTLGPOONIELO latest single, “Boss” has touched the ears of many music lovers, and in a different wave. The video has been able to provoke positive emotions in people all over and sets the stage for a new wave of music that can potentially change the direction of Chicago’s so-called “Drill” era. The song itself promotes self-development, an end to gun violence, and protection of the youth. In today’s society, this is what, in my opinion, we need more of.

“I want to live more peacefully, while enjoying my youthful moments, having fun and sharing love”, says PTLGPOONIELO to a local interviewer. “I believe everyone shouldn’t have to fear to chase their dreams, let alone alter who they truly are in order to do so. Change comes from within, and so does happiness. Be what makes you happy. Be your most true self”’.

PTLGPOONIELO’s single “Boss” has the potential to change the direction of music itself, by offering such a powerful message, as well as encouraging positivity amongst listeners around the world. You can find his music on all streaming platforms, including Spotify and Youtube Red. The official video is also located on Youtube, so be sure to check it out! Be ready to be inspired!

Help PTLGPOONIELO make a difference in his city, and potentially the whole world by growing his audience. Help make the world a better place!






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