ProphecyAP Press Release


Contact: Austin Manke
Phone: 620-518-1033

MULLINVILLE, KS – Austin Manke or ProphecyAP grew up in many places during his youth giving him a different look at life and his music style derives from him growing up challenged in every aspect.

His family split at his age of eight years old and his mother moved him to Kansas where they have lived for the past 12 years. He was originally born in Colorado on the United States Air Force Academy.

His life revolved around listening to music mainly country but liked the feel of Hip – Hop and R&B music.

He went to college and found that he could produce his own beats with software and a few instruments he already had. He started writing lyrics and started getting notice from his friends and family. He ten went online and started putting his tracks on the internet.

ProphecyAP is a one man show who has been making music for about a year but has yet to perform on stage. ProphecyAP or also known as Austin Manke is 20 years old and is from Kansas. His style of music recollects some jazz but is ultimately Hip-Hop Instrumental and his styles show some of Jay-Z and Lil Wayne’s music.