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Minot, North Dakota – August 24, 2016 – The follow-up to the successful mixtapes Redefined and Lions,Tigers and Bears from Prophecy is coming soon. On top of dropping single after single almost every day since the mixtapes were released, he has been working on his first album, and is calling it the album of the year. The Hustle Chronicles is the artist’s first studio recorded album and is in his words, “His First Born”.

Prophecy based this album from the two previous mixtapes which were released within a week of each other. In the album Prophecy is even more lyrical than any other project he’s ever written and produced and as he quotes “more visual than an HD screen TV.” He focuses a lot on the hardships of being underrated as what others called a “new artist,” and the obstacles he had to overcome to be officially noticed on top of the murder of his younger brother two months earlier.

Fans are already talking about the new LP from the artist and have been since the release of his single “100.” The hit single from the upcoming album received ten thousand views in three days, and set the expected volume in the nature of his album but the artist says, “They’ve only seen the beginning, its nothing compared to the middle and end.” Many can’t wait to see what the future has to bring and are anticipating the release of the album as August 24th draws closer day by day.

There is also a hidden project that the artist hasn’t revealed to the public that will be featured with the LP. The only response or hint Prophecy has given is that the first 20 to buy the album are going to be extremely pleased and that he can’t wait himself for the day everything goes worldwide. If Prophecy is this excited about a project he did himself, there must be something lurking in the shadows of the album that will blow some of us away.

Prophecy notes, “Just a warning, if you haven’t heard real lyricism or think you have but aren’t sure, make sure your brain is set right before visiting my site and my Soundcloud.”


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