Promising Young Metal Band Teams Up with Seasoned Musicians on Killer Debut


Contact: Thiago Rahal
Phone: +55-11-992288795

Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil  – Tito Falaschi (ex-Symbols), brother of Edu Falaschi (Almah, ex-Angra), has garnered over 15 years of experience as a musician and music producer, and now joins forces with Mischa Marmade (Vocals), Hilton Torres (Guitars/Vocals) and Dann Feltrin (Guitars/Backing Vocals) in an exciting new band named Zaltana. Their self-titled debut has been released but a few weeks ago. Produced by Falaschi, the album was mixed and mastered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, by Jochem Jacobs, producer and recording engineer at Split Second Sound Studio.

Crunchy riffs, groovy drum licks, and beautiful keyboard arrangements are the perfect soundscape for Mischa’s sometimes melodious, other times enraged vocals. This unique blend of timbres defies current definitions of subgenres in heavy metal music and has collected nothing but positive reviews in Brazil:

Metal Temple – 10/10 Awarded!
Masterpiece “Their musical work is original and personal, (…) it turns into an addiction.”
Whiplash – 9/10 “Without a doubt, an album that is bold and tasteful, (…) already among the best national releases of 2014!”
Roadie Crew – 8.5/10  “Recommended to the fans of those who don’t go with the flow and look for musical identity at all cost.”
Música e Jornalismo – 8.5/10  “Brazil now has a representative of evident competence in contemporary metal.”
Brasil Metal Historia – “Impressive! (…) given the massive quality attained on this first album.”

Zaltana is now ready to have their music heard and reviewed around the world. Here are a few links to their material:

CDs and/or mp3 can be bought through the following websites:

Streaming available on Spotify and Rdio

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