“Press Release Galil Brigade”

"Press Release Galil Brigade"

Contact: grown teeke
Phone: (254)669-2740
Email: [email protected]

KILL-TOWN, TEAXS – “Galil Brigade aka G-Boi’z”
Bring that Galil caliber sound when it comes to hip hop music.
a galil being an Israeli assualt rifle
The Galil’s design is optimized for operation in arid conditions and is based on the Finnish RK 62,[2] which itself was derived from the Soviet AK-47 assault rifle.
It was selected as the winner of a competition for the Israel Defense Forces that included many other rival designs (among them, the M16A1, Stoner 63, AK-47 and HK33) and was formally accepted into service in 1972, replacing the FN FAL.
as far as the Galil Brigade is concerned thats exactly how the G-boi’z look at todays industry rappers as FN FAL’s that need to be replaced.
Grown Teeke hails from Kill-Town Texas by way of Columbus Georgia being the soul owner and operator of Lavannah Records.
Teeke started the indie label in October of 2006 from there he added members slim grip,LSD,Big Features and Jay they are dedicated to inducing the music industry with their Lavannah sound along with ousting current reigning king Jay-Z and Roc-Nation for reciting LavRec’s coming out banner slogan “Welcome to Lavannah” on one of his recent tracks “Otis’ from the newly released album “Watch the Throne” but the ground work for grown teeke and the g-boi’z,as well as; Lavannah Records began quite some time ago in the 1950’s and 60’s by his ancestor’s and owners of the Lavana Club in Columbus Georgia so only time will tell if these g-boi’z will be able to put it up or be put out!


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