Press release for Unseen thoughts by Sea

Contact: Sean Larry
Phone: 5514865616

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY – UnSeen Thoughts: Invisible Words That Inspire written by Sean Larry

Release date: 2/22/12

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UnSeen Thoughts is a concealed collection of fifteen poems that chronicle the life of a marginalized African American male, born to a mother addicted to drugs and a father that he never knew. UnSeen Thoughts takes you through a poetic emotional rollercoaster of true experiences, journaling how Sean Larry made it from inner city to Ivy League leaving you with the audacity to achieve. Sean Larry’s poems range from topics such as love, neglect, relationships, self-motivation, overcoming hardships, and persevering through unfortunate and uncontrollable life circumstances. The combination of his rhythmic spoken word and true life experiences is an inspiring recipe. Growing up in a world where all the odds were against him, Sean Larry’s words speak to those of both similar and different backgrounds, proving that motivation is the cornerstone of one’s success.

Book Tour Begins March 19th at Hue Man Bookstore in Harlem, NY.