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: “If I sang a song, that’s how I would sing it!”

Ever hear a stunning solo artist performance, and say something like that to yourself? It’s exactly the response from one of South Carolina’s “WAAW Shout 94.7 FM DJs after hearing Juwannecia Buxton for the first time: “If I sang that song, that’s how I would sing it!” High praise from a jaded industry insider hearing an unknown.

And that’s exactly the kind of overall response that Juwannecia Buxton is getting from everyone who hears her stunning, passionate, emotion-soulful song expressions contained on her debut CD, “Predestinated. Yeah, we hear it all the time, but this lady is truly amazing!

It’s a classic story. A ‘80’s kid from small-town Sardis, Georgia, Juwannecia reveled in the lyrics from artist like Mary Mary, Tamela Mann and The Clark Sisters. They always seemed to give her Chills. Then solo artists such as, Deitrick Haddon, Marvin Sapp, and Kirk Franklin, and BUXTON found her passion. THAT’s what she wanted to do…make melodies of love flow from her mouth. At 28, she started to write herself some songs to sing on her CD…one lyric at a time.

With help from her relatives she had grown up with, she started her background vocalist The Voices of Victory, to sing on the CD, and all her Live Performances. Just as she wrote her songs and formed her background vocalist for her recording and Live Performances herself, she taught herself how to document her love of performance, by trial and error.

Seems to have worked. She gained air play on a major South Carolina radio station (“WAAW Shout 94.7 FM ), and sure enough, Juwannecia was chosen out of a huge field of artists to be 1 of 3 featured on a WAAW Shout 94.7 FM “Unsigned Showcase segment. That’s what lead to the lead statement of this piece. It’s 94.7 FM’s DJ’s response to her submitted track. They, like everyone else exposed to JUWANNECIA’s melodies, marveled at her tones.

“Predestinated is Juwannecia’s second Mastered, and professionally Produced CD. Full of powerful vocal lyrics covering a complete spectrum of genres, each song is jam packed full of her heart pounding emotion, her endless passion, and her breath taking ability to move the soul. Already receiving airplay all over the world, thanks to her first Project Realization’s distribution through Tate Music Group Publishing Company of Mustang Oklahoma, it’s an example of incredible groundswell of grassroots appreciation driven by fans on the internet.

Additional talent featured on “Predestinated includes: The Voices of Victory (Background Vocalists for the Cd and Live Performances), as one killer Vocal section. And the album’s receiving great reviews from internet radio stations, A&R representatives, and fan’s from all over the world.

JUWANNECIA’s been asked to make a live appearance this fall on the radio station 94.7 FM “SHOUT FEST”. They air live in Aiken South Carolina every first Saturday in September each year from 11.00am until 5:00pm, and showcase the hottest unsigned Vocalist in the CSRA.

In an incredibly short amount of time, JUWANNECIA’s lyrics has broken onto the music scene and caught fire. It’s shared passion. The kind of thing that rarely comes along.

The future is bright and JUWANNECIA’s already hard at work on her third CD. Currently working with ArtistPR and other promotional corporations to help get her music to a broader audience, JUWANNECIA BUXTON is also in consideration for more than a few endorsement deals. Not bad for a small-town girl from GA!

Now you know a bit about JUWANNECIA’s history. Join her growing legion of worldwide fans, climb aboard, and be a part of her future. You can learn, listen and view Live Performances of Juwannecia Buxton at , ,