Country’s PDS Re-releases Hit Single “Leavin’ You for the City” on New Album, Out Now


Richmond, Virginia – December 14, 2016 – Country singer songwriter PDS has announced the inclusion of his fan-favorite song “Leavin’ You for the City,” on his latest album Old Country. Like many songs on the new album, out December 14, “Leavin’ You” gives listeners a look into the deep sorrow and lost love the artist experienced as his music career began to gain momentum in the 1990’s.

“This song means a lot to me, because it really encapsulates that whole period in my life when I threw up hurdles in my marriage where I probably should not have,” PDS says, adding, “Just as my wife and I were nearing the finish line on the road to reconciliation, I was deployed over 5000 miles away overseas and a whole new mountain range of challenges rose up in front of us.”

The song recounts the bitter sting of separation, loneliness, and difficulty of a family living oceans apart. As the song progresses, so too does the relationship of PDS, his wife, and their children. Eventually, it is revealed that his wife is not willing to uproot their children yet again and decides to remove them from the hardship of military life.

“I was raised to work hard to get ahead, like so many other young men in this country. One of the purposes of this album, and this song especially, is to show the delicate balance we men have to take when we start building a family and continue to work hard to provide and reach ones dreams,” recounts PDS.

Those interested in learning more about PDS, his work, and his upcoming release can listen to five gratitude tracks and samples for free right now on iTunes and Amazon..



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