Country Singer-Songwriter PDS announces new single, “Love Love Love”



Richmond, Virginia – January 10, 2017 – Country singer-songwriter PDS’s latest album, Old Country, features a song near and dear to the artists’ heart, titled “Love Love Love.” The song humorously recalls a rather frustrating time in his life, when he and his wife were newly married and first discovered infertility issues between them.

After seven years of trips to the doctor, and endless advice from friends, they came to a simple solution: lots of sex, all the time. The result? After a few months, away from each other due to military deployment, the couple reunited overseas and sparks flew. A few months later, their baby was born.

The song’s catchy beat coupled with PDS’s deep, melodic country drawl form a perfect marriage when describing the sweet and sour memories of the early days in PDS’s marriage. The song echoes some flavors of contemporary pop country while still maintaining that classic feel of 80’s and 90’s country music.

Throughout “Love, Love, Love,” PDS examines his lack of intimacy as a root cause from much of the heartache and struggle in the young couple’s marriage. He notes, “If I could do it all over, there are a few things I would do a bit differently in my life, so I talk about those things a bit in ‘Love, Love, Love,’ while at the same time trying to capture and express the excitement of young love.”

Those interested in learning more about PDS, his work, and his upcoming release can listen to five gratitude tracks and samples for free right now on iTunes and Amazon.



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