Joe Milli’s project “Made by Milli” is music magic Milli creates his own rap sound for music lovers Akron, Ohio – June 29, 2020– Talente rap artist Joe Milli teamed up with fellow musician The Jacka to create “Made by Milli.” The project is a festival of sound, with rap lyrics highlighting the lives and […]
“If I Were” Available July 17, 2020  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Santiago, Chile – July 3, 2020 – Mauricio Flores Sánchez’s solo pop-project Purple Tone Flower is proud to announce the third single from his upcoming EP, “If I Were.” The single will be available on all major music and streaming platforms on July 17, 2020, […]
New Single Available July 17, 2020  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Virginia Beach, Virginia – June 30, 2020 – Any musician alive can tell you one of the greatest thrills in life is sharing the stage with a legend. Haywood Gregory did just that and from the experience, he was inspired to pen his upcoming single, “I […]
Double Single To Be Released North Brunswick, NJ -July 1, 2020- World Music artist Music-Man is releasing a double-single “GIVE” & “Ha-Ha” on his project titled SKE University. Music-Man is looking to make a cultural imprint in the music scene with his unique sound. The songs will change the entertainment and industrial arts genre of […]
The Heart Of Black Lives Matter Is In This New Single Spring City, PA – July 1, 2020 – Singer/Songwriter Cecils’ new musical release focuses on bringing love and unity to the Black Lives Matter movement. The song is named “Black Lives” and it is a powerful, emotional journey for listeners. The smooth beats and […]
New Hip Hop Music Available Soon  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Silver Spring, Maryland – July 1, 2020 – When it comes to new music, Fat Danny isn’t holding back in 2020. With plans to drop “Deal” soon, this entrepreneurial rapper revealed that is not all he has up his sleeves.  Fat Danny didn’t waste any time […]
“Reality” Available Now  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Las Vegas, Nevada – July 2, 2020 – 17-year-old singer-songwriter ChloA Watson is proud to announce the release of her second single, “You.” The new pop track will drop on all major music and streaming sites on July 23, 2020.  Inspired by the likes of Frank Sinatra, ChloA wanted […]
New Album Available Soon  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Erstein, France – June 30, 2020 – Makichi took home the silver trophy for their 2019 EP, ‘Error,’ at the Global Music Awards and now have plans to win big again with their upcoming release, ‘The Rain Has Stopped.’  Alternative duo Makichi marries Iranian composer Ash’s musicianship with […]
New Hip Hop Music Available Now  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Warren, Ohio – June 30, 2020 – There are so many great things that come in pairs, especially when it comes to music. From Simon and Garfunkel to Outkast, there has never been a lack of great pairings in music, and Risky Bidnis plan on keeping […]
New R&B Album Out July 7, 2020  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Boston, Massachusetts – June 30, 2020 – Michelle Hicks is giving listeners a taste of what’s to come from her upcoming release, ‘The Light,’ with the release of the bonus track “The Music,” available now on Apple Music.  Not only is Michelle Hicks an R&B […]
Chicago, IL, USA — Saturday, June 20th, 2020 — A new project inspired by Zae Litty is the talk around town. It’s a project that you can’t just listen to once. That shows how catchy and talented this kid is. I see a bright future heading in his direction. You can pretty much tell that […]
The Bronx, New York — Sunday, July 19th, 2020 — SwankFather is Fathering vibes of his own with a lyrical mixture of knowledge wisdom, and understanding of Godfidence. Cut from an old school perspective and inspired by hip hop artists like Lord Jamar, Papoose, and even Cassidy. SwankFather is the greatest of all SwankFather is […]
New Hip Hop Music Available Now  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rochester, New York – June 30, 2020 – MAJ embraces the reality of the New York hustle and flow with his latest single, “Ran Off(Circa),” available now on all major music and streaming sites.  From the press of play “Ran Off(Circa)” brings listeners to another world […]
‘The Nappy Headed Shadow’ Available Now  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Charleston, South Carolina – June 29, 2020 – Kaleb The Great is back and better than ever with the follow up to his 2019 debut with ‘The Nappy Headed Shadow,’ available now on all major music and streaming sites.  ‘The Nappy Headed Shadow’ features almost a […]
New Classical Musical Piece Available Online  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Los Angeles, California – June 27, 2020 – Since her early musical beginning, singing in the choir at St. Dominic’s, Gisel A. Costa knew her path was in creating and sharing music. Gisel’s newest classical piece is the perfect addition to anyone’s playlist. It’s perfect for […]