Contact: Dane Di PierroPhone: (914)420-9141Email: FREDERICK, MD – Dane Di Pierro (914)420-9141 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 2011 Frederick, MD Synthesizers, stomp boxes and Souxie-esque vocals, but this ain’t the 80s. Maryland duo Radiolab take their ques from relatively modern bands who manage to balance pop sensibilities with an unflinching experimental spirit. The band, […]
Contact: Page TuckerPhone: 9706835480Email: GRAND JUNCTION, COLORADO – Wired Media announced today that Sara G has teamed with MADD Canada to incorporate her music with a very positive and powerful message regarding drinking and driving. “It’s a message that needs to be heard again and again. Impairment-related crashes continue to be the leading criminal […]
Contact: Garrett MorganPhone: 916-213-4375Email: SACRAMENTO, CA – Hey thank you for reading. Please take a minute and follow the lonk to review the press kit for emerging Americana artist Garrett Morgan. Inquiries may be directed to Kim Wheeler iKon Music Management 336-287-1625 Thank you in advance for your time.
Contact: Michael EgletonPhone: 3307455091Email: AKRON, OHIO – Artist Bio Musiq Soul Child, George Benson, Michael Henderson, Tyrese are some of the names that come to mind when some are asked to describe this music. It features blends of piano and orchestra sounds with bright horns and smoothe bass glides with a tempo driving bass […]
Contact: Donius WoodsPhone: 9013479528Email: MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE – Woodrow is the Voice of the Mississippi Delta!!! Hailing from the Heart Of The United States, Woodrow is Destine to a be Landmark on the Pedestals of Hip Hop! Born on the Gravel Roads of Indianola Mississippi (Birthplace of B.B. King) in a 1 Room Shack in […]
Contact: John RownyPhone: 301-281-1405Email: SILVER SPRING, MD KING TEDDY RELEASES “A VERY TEDDY CHRISTMAS” Free Downloads Offered From The Holiday EP King Teddy released “A Very Teddy Christmas” on December 2, 2011. The collection, a trio of seasonal tunes, begins with “Could It Be Christmas?” an original Louis Prima meets Paul McCartney retro-swing romp […]
Contact: Austin TruaxPhone: (727)3739863Email: CLEARWATER, FLORIDA – ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS WITH TRADITIONAL COUNTRY STYLE! …”Life passes quickly the music won’t last, The songs almost over don’t dance so fast”… I started Silvertip in Montana as a cover band playing private parties and special events. About a year after I had formed the band I started […]
Contact: Jimi BucPhone: 310.404.7816Email: COMPTON, CALIFORNIA – The 91 KreW has created their own lane to success on the hip hop scene. With hard hitting no-nonsense music along with creative styles and great stage energy they are poised to become a major player in the business for many years to come. The 91 KreW […]
Contact: Chad CarrierPhone: 310 617-4093Email: MANHATTAN BEACH, CA – BIG MESS Introducing Big Mess the band who loves to have fun and entertain. Big Mess is a band of veteran musicians who enjoy laughing and having a good time and most of all playing music. You could make a reality show out of them […]
Contact: Alex Mackenzie-LowPhone: 719-964-0203Email: DENVER, CO – SUN COMES UP consists of thirteen original tracks written by Green River Vibe front man, Alex Mackenzie-Low, and produced by drummer, Chris Harris at Crown Line Music. “The album is a progressive mixture of reggae, rock, hip-hop, electronic, and folk music, says Mackenzie-Low, elaborating on the stylistic […]
Contact: Caleb McGinnPhone: 3162092041Email: SEDGWICK, KS – SUMMARY: For Caleb McGinn performing is all about relating to personal issues regardless of the listeners’ position in life. His topics deal with triumphs and tragedies that we all experience at one time or another and can define our very being. “Bigger Picture is his second album […]
Contact: Antwon MalonePhone: 2517672108Email: MOBILE, ALABAMA – Antwon Malone “a.k.a” DollarMadeTrax considers himself more than just a rapper. The industry is starving for fresh faces and new styles of music. DollarMade produces, mixes, and writes his own music. For 10 years, he has perfected his craft by continuing to push himself into greatness. With […]
Contact: Rick ReidPhone: 916 704 0080Email: SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA – International Love is a Band. When Russia meets America expect a big bang! What happens when an LA born musician who is a former Division 1 college basketball player and Taekwondo national champion collides with a beautiful Moscow born battle MC who was the first […]
Contact: Jon HaganPhone: 601-580-2738Email: LAUREL, MS – Yung Jon is a twenty-three year old from Laurel, Mississippi who has chosen to commit his rap talents to God. He chose to do this, because he believes that God gave him the talent for a significant reason. He believes that God has given him this rapping […]
Contact: John RownyPhone: 301-281-1405Email: SILVER SPRING, MD – KING TEDDY BACK IN THE STUDIO Trio of holiday tunes slated for 12/2/11 release King Teddy is in the studio putting the final touches on a new Christmas EP. The project includes two original numbers, “Could It Be Christmas and “Christmas Eve, Tonight, as well as […]