Contact: Matthew CollierPhone: 2099154913Email: STOCKTON, CA – Contact: Matthew Collier FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel: 209-915-4913 Email: SAVE THE BOOBIES: HIP HOP FOR BREAST CANCER AWARENESS New Artist From Stockton, CA Makes A Effort To Help Breast Cancer Through Rap There are bracelets, TV ads, and even donation boxes at the end of the […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: justin turekPhone: 4109678433Email: BALTIMORE, MD – Justin Ray Turek aka Jay Tizzle, tizzle , jaytizz ,JT , JRT,Tizz a rapper from Baltimore seeking a record deal.If only these people knew his story and how his up-bringings were he would be quick to get signed. Justin would give up anything to […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Patrick MorrisPhone: 8032430908Email: CAMDEN, SOUTH CAROLINA – Hometown: Camden/Columbia, South Carolina Genres: Soul/Blues/Funk/Rock/Latin Music Influence: Ray Charles, Sam Cook, Otis Redding, Gypsy Kings, Buena Vista Social Club, Tom Waits, Beatles, The Band, The Mighty Sparrow The Morris brothers started The Mobros in 2008. Kelly and Patrick are half Trinidadian, helping […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Lisa SnidermanPhone: 415-713-6193Email: SAN FRANCISCO, CA – For Immediate Press Release For more info, please contact: Christopher Buttner, President Tel: 415-233-7350 Email: To download the Aoede “Artists In Music Awards” Electronic Press Kit (EPK), consisting of this press release as a WORD doc and high-res versions of the […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: AUTHOR AIJA M. BUTLERPhone: 925-219-2369Email: PITTSBURG, CALIFORNIA – “Music, Art, and Literature are my most favorite creative works, says Author Aija M. Butler, Author of the My Nemesis Book Series and mind behind this musical collaboration. The Book The My Nemesis book series is an all American tale with a […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Chad LeonbergPhone: 7246305955Email: NEW BRIGHTON, PA – Paradox Please is an alternative rock band from Pittsburgh, PA. Their music combines a wide variety of genres while primarily experimenting with progressive rock, heavy metal, and electronica. By doing this, it creates a more complex music structure, with an appeal to many […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: amoney the superstarPhone: 2693636254Email: BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN – AMONEY the Superstar Riding high on impeccable wit and a liquid smooth flow, Benton Harbor, Michigan’s AMONEY the Superstar is rising through the underground hip hop scene as the days go by. Just as his name implies, this up and comer is […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: steve bourlandPhone: 7634430107Email: WOODSTOCK, VA – It would probably be easier if we told you what LilStevie doesn’t do, but Steve is an MC, producer, director, and editor. And his journey has been anything but painless. Like many kids, Steve wanted to be “cool. But as hard as he tried, […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Kovan BaldwinPhone: 612-812-1292Email: MINNEAPOLIS, MN – When a melody elopes with vocal ingenuity, the results can be explosive. ….yet, no eruption can perfectly implore the eardrums to weep ash, unless you’re within the mark of a genius musician, and under the spell of a perfect song. In walks Kovan Baldwin. […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: marcus boydPhone: 757-304-7600Email: COURTLAND, VIRGINIA – hello there my name is marcus boyd aka gameface and i would love a press release written on me and my music and career. here are some brief info on me and my music Marcus Boyd is the owner of GM Enterprise which is […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Sean LarryPhone: 5514865616Email: JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY – UnSeen Thoughts: Invisible Words That Inspire written by Sean Larry Release date: 2/22/12 Available on UnSeen Thoughts is a concealed collection of fifteen poems that chronicle the life of a marginalized African American male, born to a mother addicted to […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Adam AnderholtPhone: 760 960 3250Email: HOLTVILLE, CA – Adam Anderholt, a man who lives each and every day playing music/writing music/ and most of all listening to music, has been classified by many professionals as a gifted musician. He feels the need to express himself to everyone so that his […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: marcus rawlesPhone: 323-557-3017Email: LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA – WestCoast Hiphoper a true epic artist that has swag and also keeps 100% real . Self Distruction is the future of WestCoast hiphop has been in the music game for many years . Featured in the Rap Sheet back in June 97 […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Marcus RawlesPhone: 323-557-3017Email: LOS ANGELES, CA – West coast hip hop has been a powerful force in the hip hop industry for years, especially in the late 80’s and early 90’s with those hard core heavy bangin’ west coast beats! However, there hasn’t been much that has been coming to […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Lee CartelPhone: 9783906324Email: BOSTON, MA – Following the release of his mixtape “Paper Scraps, which was well received in the streets, Lee went back to the studio to record some original songs. He had one goal in mind, to make catchy radio friendly songs that’ll allow him to reach a […]