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PENTICTON, BC – Orpheus is a successful musician from Canada whose music is making charts and music stations across the world. Orpheus was nominated twice in 2012 to feature in the coast2coast rap magazine and chosen top 10 world wide to feature on the cover of coast2coast issue#29. Orpheus has had the opportunity to work with other artist such as Dj Epps, Dj Depps 2 of Miami’s finest Dj’s, the producers of Flow Ridah, Ceo of Coast2coast, J Rob, The producers of Mary J Blige and LL kool J also from New York (Music Mystro), Orpheus takes the hip hop charts as #1 in his local area surrounding Vancouver to the Okanagan from across Canada. Digsin Records as well as www.2dopeboyz.com/ including coast2coastmixtapes.com/ and over 840 other networks and websites promoted Orpheus in 2012 and 2013 including MTV. Orpheus was nominated again and chosen with highest votes to showcase on coast2coast Feb 2nd 2013 @4:00pm est at http://coast2coastlive.com/events/eventdetail.aspx?eventid=188

Orpheus now takes the spot light in holly wood and has been getting a lot of attention from music industries and record labels. Orpheus just finished his first single but no date has been set to sell in stores yet, Orpheus is now working on a double album with members ‘sketch’ who Orpheus acts and plays as, and of course his sidekick Creeture.

Orpheus comes from a rough upbringing never having the chance to enjoy the benefits of a good home, family or a good life style. Orpheus was an Orphan at age 2 when his father murdered his mother having been found not guilty on the reserve courts where no media was aloud to attend. Orpheus and his younger brother and his three sisters were in there fathers custody after the trial, until his father tried killing Orpheus and his brother, his sisters would have to hide them behind a wall for days after taking a few beatings just to get food to the boys for distractions, one day someone notified social services and that’s the day Orpheus became the son of the system for the rest of his life and taking into foster care been only 38 months old. Wilma Roberts was the mother of 4 sons and 3 daughters all in which Orpheus never had the chance to meet till the age of 12 to the age of 19 when he finally met them all. Orpheus was placed in foster homes throughout his life and also placed in 2 different residential schools at ages 6. Orpheus visited dozens of foster homes and schools where everything around him was always strange and new, he was the one to be picked on and bullied because he was an orphan as a child and was always the new kid and really dark. Many times Orpheus ran away and the police and social services would be in search of Orpheus at only age 9 when he was running around the streets hiding from cops and vans that had social workers in them.

Orpheus became comfortable at one certain foster home at age 12. til this day he still keeps in touch with her and considers her mom. Orpheus step mother Francis Davidson who is (German) is the daughter of one of the survivors who escaped the women prison camps in World War 2. Francis Davidson was swiped away from her mother at the train station when she was 6 years old during World War 2.

There were over 5000 women at the prison camp and by the time Francis’s mother planned her escape with her friend there were less then 500 women left, during the escape her friend was shot in the leg, they both struggled to the barbed wire fence but only one could make it, her friend jumped on the fence and said get on me and run don’t look back and you go get your daughter, she ran and ran for weeks surviving the wild sucking in the cold fighting off whatever darkness was out there hunting her, eating what ever plants and food she can find to stay alive so she could see her daughter again, she eventually found her and raised her and life went on. Francis got older and started running a foster home, a shelter for street kids and that’s where Orpheus comes in. Francis Davidson and her mother are both still alive today living in Prince Albert Saskatchewan.

Orpheus and his step mom became very close but Orpheus still didn’t trust her, for years she bailed him out of court dozens of times and attended every court hearing and putting up thousands for bail and lawyer bills. Orpheus spent 50% of his teenage years incarcerated, he would read books and write poetry all the time until his poetry turned into lyrics. That’s when Orpheus joined the rap scene and started rapping on the streets from battling in the jail cell to the streets with other street rappers. He would read books like The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield. A manuscript dated back to 600 BC. other books such as The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want by Deepak Chopra (1995) – Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton (2000) – The Secret, and of course his favorite The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. Orpheus would study and write while serving his sentence or awaiting court dates. He took up courses and studied the law, sometimes even wrote letters for other inmates to give to the judge. Orpheus would attend court on his own behalf after becoming very familiar with the system and how it works and would represent himself, several times Orpheus beat charges and walked, and most of the time usually Orpheus would go straight to the street house also known as (Friendship Center) which was only blocks away where street kids hang out and he would volunteer his time and help cook and clean and get activities going for his street buddies to do like inside hockey or battle nights, dances etc.

Orpheus had his first born son at age 23 when he started changing his life style, he stopped hustling and selling on the streets, got rid of most of his guns but was caught and charged with possession of a concealed weapon before he got to sell them all and was sentence to serve time in jail where he missed the birth of his first born, he was very upset and was denied early parole due to bad behavior and causing a riot in the correctional which caused several stabbings and fights which ended in tear gas by the correctional gang force. Orpheus was stripped from his title “team leader” by the staff and sent to 24 hour confinement for 5 days and was considered a high risk dangerous offender, coming that Monday morning Orpheus attended court and was released back to society after the judge read his predisposition report that he ordered and sent Orpheus home stating he didn’t want to see him again or he sending him back to the big house.

Not long after his son was born and Orpheus was released, they moved away from Prince Albert Saskatchewan to get away from everything and hopefully start a new life somewhere in BC. Orpheus moved to Vancouver where they resided for awhile then moved to Penticton BC for a couple years where he had his second son. They then moved to Kelowna BC where Orpheus and the mother of his 2 boys split up and now visiting arrangements are what’s keeping the boys and Orpheus together. Orpheus is still battling in court for the 2 boys and pays support towards there living allowance and keeps in touch with them all the time either by phone or weekend visits. Orpheus quit rapping just before his first born because he chose to dedicate every minute of his life to raise his kids til they were old enough to make them selves a sandwich and pick up the phone, 10 years later Orpheus starts back where he left off and now raps for his fans again…