Offering an Introspective Outlook into Electronic and Alternative Music: Solo Artist Blenny Driven to Succeed


With his enriching and stirring musical compositions, Electronic and Alternative artist, Blenny, is set to captivate listeners.

San Diego, Ca — July 15th, 2022 – Rising to the scene as a formidable solo artist, Blenny is sending ripples in the musical world. Having previously been part of a band called the Softlightes where he played keyboards and guitar from 2007-2011, Blenny is a seasoned artist, who is now taking on Electronic and Alternative music with his independent musical prowess.

Set to unveil a riveting and immersive new EP, Blenny is driven to make an impact in the world of Alternative and Electronic music. The new EP titled, “Time Tunnel” will be released in early September and boasts a splendid set of singles that showcase Blenny’s dynamic musical abilities and skills. The  first single, “Momentum” will be released July 22.

Under the purview of the Softlightes, which was the 1st American band to be signed with the Australian label Modular Recordings, Blenny has had experience, having toured with the musical collective as well.

Now making a mark with his independent musical talents, the artist is recording his own music, with the intent to gain listeners and expand his base. The artist’s exciting soundscape fits right into the genre of music for video games and movies, complementing the creative vibe seamlessly.

With the driving aim of scoring a David Lynch style film, Blenny has continually curated unique and authentic musical compositions. His 2020 release titled, “Resistor, Transistor, Recall”, presented listeners a mix of rhythms and thematic influences, delving them deep into the artist’s intriguing soundscape.

“I think what makes my music unique is that it is very introspective and has a lot of emotion. It can be quite depressing but also very relaxing and positive at the same time. Most of it has piano that stands as a foundational element,” says the artist regarding his unique new compositions.

With his moody aesthetic curated effectively through emotional and stirring musical compositions, the eclectic artist showcases a mix of synths, guitars, bass, vocals, vocoder, and other instruments.

Head over to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and other official platforms to stream Blenny’s latest tracks and listen to his latest album ‘Resistor, Transistor, Recall’. Be on the lookout for a new release in September, and follow the artist on social media for updates.




Jeff Hibshman is a talented and eclectic American musician, songwriter, and composer. He serves as the multi-instrumentalist and principal songwriter in the electronic music group Blenny.

The artist is a classically trained pianist with a love for synthesizers. Jeff began playing the piano at six years old, taken by a passion for curating his own sounds and rhythms. His music career started in the early 2000’s where he played keyboards and guitar in the San Diego band Softlightes, the first American band signed to the Australian label Modular Records. He has since gone on to play piano in commercials and currently seeks to compose music for television, film, and video games.

As a classically trained pianist, Blenny remains inspired by Chopin and Debussy in a lot of different ways, with a predilection for picking keys like C# minor and F# minor because they are dark but simultaneously very sweet.


Name: Blenny



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