New Zealand Singer Songwriter Stefanie Steven got hit by a bus just like it was in the movie “Yesterday”. Unfortunately the rest of the story is different. She bought herself a ukulele, recorded two albums in the smallest studio on the road, living in a motorhome travelling through New Zealand. Her latest music video is called “Dire Straits” where she is playing an original Charlie Musslewhite Harp as featured instrument (they’ve met in Fiji). The Video was mostly shot in the Molesworth Souts Island and in times of the Corona Virus – this could be a movie sound for a new western cowboy movie. She would appreciate your feedback.

New Zealand — Thursday, March 26th, 2020 — Where are you, Hero? We really need you! We’re living in such “Dire Straits”
These are the main lyrics for Stefanie’s latest Video mostly created in the Molesworth in the South Island of NZ.
In times of the Coronavirus, this song seems like a movie melody for a brand new western style cowboy hero.
Stefanie certainly would have enjoyed playing an original Charlie Musslewhite Harp on this recording. She was inspired after meeting him in Fiji a few years ago. unfortunately, she got hit by a bus while biking in Rotorua and this has stopped her from recording her 2019 album.
Stefanie Steven is a german-born “Travelling Philosopher”, Sports Coach and a New Zealand Singer/Songwriter. She has performed all over the world for the last 25 years and decided in January 2017 to finally write and record her own songs while traveling through New Zealand. Her first album “Rolling Home” was released Nov 8, 2017, and “Ahipara Time ” 2019 is the result of writing, recording and producing another album in the smallest studio with very little equipment.
Unfortunately, I got hit by a bus in March 2019 and couldn’t record my 2019/20 album as planned. But I am writing more lyrics and soon I will record again with some help from other musicians.
Life’s a journey!
So check out Stefanie Steven on youtube, i-tunes, Spotify, Soundcloud or go straight to her website
She will be happy for every new listener out there.
Life’s a journey and it’s most important to enjoy the ride.
So whatever you choose to do on your journey, make sure that you have fun and that you love what you choose.
Creating music is certainly Stefanie’s biggest passion next to playing Tennis.
Sometimes we get inspired to do something and we have those wonderful ideas. Many of you out there know exactly what she’s talking about. So why don’t we act on those ideas?
There are so many excuses why we can’t do this right now, or why we have to push this idea aside for a while.
Life’s too short  – do it now!  Here is a song that will help you  – Go by your feeling
So go on and visit Stefanie Steven who is living the dream in a motorhome in New Zealand.



Traveling through New Zealand with the best man on the planet, playing tennis and creating music has been a life dream of Stefanie Steven.
As a singer, she has performed all over the world but mostly songs from well-known artists. In 2017 she decided to write and record her own songs in the smallest recording studio on the road.
Her first album was called  “Rolling Home”   and released in November 2017.
 “Ahipara Time 2018” has been published in January 2019.
What she experienced, learns and observes on her personal journey will be created into more songs, videos, and even art.
Her message to you is:  “Don’t just dream it – live the dream!”
Stefanie Steven


Stefanie Steven
Stefanie Steven



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