New Song: Everything from the weirdly named artist Onor Bumbum


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Onor Bumbum Phone: 516 445 2184 Email: City, State: Los Angeles / CA Onor Bumbum is a driven and passionate  performer with a unique approach to his music. His brand new single “Everything” is an organic and warm blend of old school drum machine sounds and vintage synths, echoing soundscapes built by artists such as James Blake. The track is accompanied by an enigmatic, dark and beautifully filmed video. Follow the protagonist as he stumbles down into a path of loneliness, despair and paranoia, coping with the constrains of daily life and struggling for break free, staring at the ocean, hoping that it would wash away the memories… The song’s ethereal and melancholic soundscapes brilliantly contrast with the beautiful and uplifting vocal melodies. Find out more and stream the video! Onor Bumbum is one of the aliases of Onur Uzunismail, a singer/songwriter from Istanbul. He makes melodic electronic music using computers and various tools he builds and records. He was also one ‘curly’ of the band ’2 Curlies’ -the other curly being the internationally acclaimed producer/songwriter/oud player Jean Pierre Smadj, and released a digital album on iTunes in 2008. The duo gave several concerts in Istanbul. He also performed with internationally acclaimed musicians Talvin Singh, Eric Truffaz and Ibrahim Maalouf. A Red Bull Music Academy participant in 2010, Onur collaborated with musicians all over the world and played at one of World’s most famous music festivals, Sonar / Barcelona.Onur made a very sensitive MIDI drum played with hands and fingers, heavily influenced by the famous ‘Hang Drum’. He named this instrument ‘Bumdrum’. The demonstration video he made for Bumdrum got popular on the web and has been shared by various blogs all over the world. In 2010, Onur released his first CD album, ‘Diyorum ki’ consisting of ten downtempo, electronica love songs. He toured with his band around Turkey and played in one of Turkey’s biggest festivals, ‘Efes Pilsen One Love Festival’ as the headliner of the alternative stage.

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