New Music Hiphop JAYMONIS- Pressure

New Music Hiphop JAYMONIS- Pressure

Contact: Jaymonis
Phone: 8082774773
Email: [email protected]

HONOLULU, HI – Jaymonis is a Hiphop Rapper/Producer originally from Chicago IL. Jaymonis started playing music at the age of three and started rapping when he was eight. Jaymonis got his official start in Hiphop while in a friend’s dorm room making beats at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. There, he was urged to do vocals for the beats he and his partner made. He got his first taste of fame via Youtube after receiving 1000 plus views in the first week of the first song he had ever produced and performed rap for. He and his partner eventually split over creative disputes. Soon after, Jaymonis began working with beat maker m54 of Portugal to create what is now known as Sophisticated Rap Vol 2.

Sophisticated Rap has received high acclaim over the Internet and various live outlets in Honolulu and Chicago and was the vehicle for the song and later the video ‘I Do That’ which is responsible for much of his fan-base. Jaymonis is now working out of his Honolulu studio producing his own music and teaming up with local producers as well as international producers to create his next studio album.

The song I am reviewing today is Pressure.

Lovely percussion in the background which sounds beautiful. This song has a slightly “Jazzy Feel to it at the beginning which I adore. Jaymonis is a really dope emcee and very talented too. For me, this is Hip Hop at its best. This track and lyrics just flow incredibly well. The piano in the background adds a wonderful touch. With flowing, smooth, fresh beats alongside Jaymonis’ brilliant rap voice; his talent really does shine through.

The lyrics “I’ll have the game for an eon homie, you just a peon, when it’s prime time they calling a nigga Deon. Shit gets deep that’s how the lion will respond, this just me, more strength than your whole team huh?

Kick ass, cool lyrics with great rhythm that carry a message to awaken other souls to realize their power and potential. Jaymonis is stating here that long after many people have given up to strive for what they truly want in life, he will still carry on no matter how tough times get and his courage will see him through.

“See I been with the streets and the beyond, only found peace in the mulah. This artist has certainly seen and experienced a lot in his life for his years and is saying here he only found peace in money.

His lyrical skills are very impressive with smooth flowing vocals. The lyrics that stand out for me are:-

“This for all my people with a dream. That get down how they live it when it come to getting cream. I forgot that I was living; I’m caught in a fantasy. But I’ll rather see the ending than never know it could be.

I love the depth of the words in the chorus too.

“See the best don’t flinch when the pressures on
And the rest won’t show when the pressures on
And the beast show teeth when the pressures on
But we still tear it down when the pressures on

Very poignant words.

The best people do not sweat the small stuff when the pressure is on
The weak minded won’t show when the pressure is on
“And the beast show teeth when the pressures on
But the strong willed embrace challenges when the pressure is on.

The song depicts a great message and this is if you have a dream, go out there and work hard to make it happen. Stick with your goals/dreams until you achieve what you set out to do, no matter what challenges you meet along the way as it may be a rocky road but isn’t it better to at least have tried, than going through life never knowing that you could have accomplished fantastic things whilst making a difference in the lives of others. It is vital to know what you are truly capable of doing with your life.

I rate this song 10 out of 10. This artist has my full support and he is definitely going places. I believe he also has a deep respect and admiration for Hip Hop Music.

Great job Jaymonis. You are a very bright, talented artist and I know you will go far in the world of Hip Hop Music.

It was my pleasure to write for you and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Like Jaymonis’ bio on Twitter says, he is definitely the future of Hip Hop Music.Listen to Pressure by following the link below.

CMB Shanahan
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