New Faith based Artist Earthfaith Releasing “Frites Non Fondant” March 19

New Faith based Artist Earthfaith Releasing "Frites Non Fondant" March 19


Bakersfield, California, USA — Saturday, March 20th, 2021 — Within three months of his debut on Christmas Day, 2020,  mormon faith based pop rock artist “earthfaith” already caught the attention of Lauren Daigle.

After several worldwide releases, earthfaith will debut an album titled in French, but still sung in English.

The album “Frites Non Fondant” will be released through 16 outlets in 249 countries on March 19, 2020.

The musician behind earthfaith is retired silicon valley part-time consultant Samir Goradia.

After relocating to Bakersfield, joining the Mormon Church, and engaging in an intensive health regimen during the Trump years, he emerged like a returning hero back into public view.


Somehow the water in Bakersfield  has transformed him.

earthfaith itself, providing support and detailing missing elements of biblical studies, is based on an goal of “eternal life” premised on the elimination of “human misery”.

Now working closely with Lauren Daigle, and also, the future is bright indeed for Samir Goradia nad earthfaith.

Debuting Mormon artist “earthfaith” is releasing an album entitled “Frites Non FOndant” on March 19, 2021/

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earthfaith is currently a solo act, comprised of BMI singer/Songwriter Samir M Goradia



Samir Madhu Goradia
2001 Lantana Waty


earthfaith, the group, is an extension of mormon church based faith studies.  Seeking oure life answers, even from eastern scriptures,… ...Read More

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