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Zürich, Switzerland – May 16, 2017 – Involved with music one way or another since the early ’90s Abel has done it all. From being part of a hardcore metal band to reinventing himself time and time again. First as Olimann and presently with the new project as NAUREA, and the new album New Zombie Generation, out this summer.

NAUREA takes his past involvement with the hardcore and metal scene, sends it down the aisle and marries it with the more mainstream sound of EDM on his latest release, New Zombie Generation. Noting, “There is a furious mix of EDM, dark house, industrial rock, in an amalgam of nuances giving rise to a unique and at least differentiable product. There are influences from Rob Zombie, Rammstein, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails going through Slayer, Metallica and KISS to The Prodigy, Die Krupps and The Chemical Brothers. The most special part are the catchy of the choruses and rhythms, it is very easy to remember them after a single listen.”

In 2013, Abel moved to Switzerland where he really started to fine-tune his sound with the NAUREA project, which began in 2002 and now has three albums. With this project he performed several small concerts in Cuba, and is currently gathering musicians to do the same in Switzerland in the immediate future. Now in Switzerland some songs from NAUREA have been part of radio shows in independent radio stations, as well as by many radio stations online.

This summer NAUREA plans on tentatively touring Switzerland in support of New Zombie Generation and his singles, “Sugar Sun,””Dead I Am,” and “Nail In the Eye.” Those interested in this veteran musician’s latest release (adding it to their playlist or reviewing), or those who’d like to interview NAUREA can get in touch via the information provided below.


Abel set out over 15 years ago with his NAUREA project and now he’s ready to release New Zombie Generation this summer.


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